July 2022

exo3535 Space Summary

We hosted a Twitter Spaces with exo3535. These notes where kindly created by community member cryptony: Gen art platform, believes there‚Äôs space alongside artblocks and GM studio Quarterly drops Genesis is mint pass GM designer for 25 years – Web 2.0-3.0 Uses experience in web dev to create art, but still has a creative background First 50 already minted for… Read More »exo3535 Space Summary

How to mint a nest

We expect that NFTs are new to a lot of you, so we’ve created this guide to walk you through the steps of minting an NFT for the first time on Genesis Mint. If you have any additional questions about the process, feel free to hop into Discord for some help: https://discord.gg/VZGjcsWTVe. What is a Wallet? The first thing you… Read More »How to mint a nest