We hosted a Twitter Spaces with exo3535. These notes where kindly created by community member cryptony:

Link to the exo3535 Twitter Space
  • Gen art platform, believes there’s space alongside artblocks and GM studio
  • Quarterly drops
  • Genesis is mint pass
  • GM designer for 25 years – Web 2.0-3.0
  • Uses experience in web dev to create art, but still has a creative background
  • First 50 already minted for marketing and influencers
  • GM inspired by this artist: https://www.purdyhicks.com/artists/54-jonathan-delafield-cook/works/9806-jonathan-delafield-cook-teal-nest-2020/
  • Deep study into the mathematics to create the Bézier curves. The work that went into this probably hasn’t been done before
  • 11 functions coded to create the nests
  • Careful consideration into getting the colour palette perfect
  • Some nests have eggs. Some don’t
  • 12 colour palettes divided into 2 categories: natural and hyper
  • Other variables include size, straw count and master wobble (how wavy the straw is) last one creates the most variation and makes each nest vastly unique
  • Transaction hash is used as a source of randomness making it true gen art rather than a curated collection
  • If you mint one can you get access to the SVG file (15 mb file size)
  • Eggs are variable too
  • Follow up collection inspired by Kim Jong Ji and is a study of brushes and ink